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    Han Parker Bio

    Han Parker is a two-time Emmy nominated commercial producer and director who specializes in digital advertising and marketing. With a film/video career spanning over ten years, Han has secured many awards and accolades while working with top-tier companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Anheuser Busch and the NFL.

    A top prospect at the prestigious Los Angeles Film School, Han's first thesis film, Jack Fell Down was featured at the Seattle International Film Festival. He went on to direct, produce, shoot and edit two short films that were presented at the Malibu International Film Festival early on in his career. He won his first award for Best Documentary in the Adventure Category for his riveting look into extreme tri-athletes in The World is My Playground.

    From there Han was hired to shoot for NBC and was their youngest Creative Services Director, bringing excitement and high-level acumen to their commercial production department. Producing and directing over 100 commercials and promos while there, he received his first Emmy nomination for a thirty-second spot that he conceptualized, wrote, produced, shot and edited. Shortly after that, he was again given the Emmy nod for his long-running and popular cooking show, Dinner with Dave.

    In the early 2000's Han decided to start his own production company, Firelight Pictures and through this endeavor, he collaborated on commercials for industry giants such as Lego, Target, Doritos, Microsoft and more.

    Shortly after, Han decided to bring his filmmaking skills and accolades to the environmental and activist front. Producing and writing documentaries with powerful, life-changing messages became his passion. He is currently underway with Academy Award potential documentary, Addiction Planet ([link][/link]) as well as working with Ears and Eyes productions to help bring awareness to world-wide poverty and at risk youth.
    He is also the host of the exciting environmental webisode, How to be an Activist and is also the proud father of four children.

    Lego - Imagination

    Lego - Imagination from Nick Pezzillo on Vimeo.

    Producers: Han Parker & Nick Pezzillo
    Lego - Build Moments

    Lego - Build Moments from Nick Pezzillo on Vimeo.

    Producers: Han Parker & Nick Pezzillo
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